what they have said:

Hannah Fury is a complete individual. I've yet to stumble across anyone else like her... and “Through the Gash” is a complete triumph.” - Simon

— Higher Plain Music

... The production value on Fury's work has been commented on by other reviewers, and rightly so. Every element here is in perfect balance, and the album has a very full, almost decadent sound that could have come out of one of the majors.” - Joe Hemmerling

— Suburban Horror

... And so to possibly the most gorgeous record you can buy this year. We can despatch the comparisons easily to begin with, which gives you an idea of what's happening, on an album written, played and produced entirely by Hannah herself, but you would never think it was a solo project, as it glows...” - Mick Mercer

— The Mick

... The production is extraordinary.... Here's a tip: play it loud.” - ninthspace

— ninthspace

... Through The Gash is sensitive and imaginative, uniquely vengeful and confiding, marking Fury out as an artist long overdue for some real critical attention...” - Siobhan Rooney

— Wears the Trousers

Hannah Fury continues to carve out her distinct musical vision with Through the Gash, her first full-length album in seven years. Though loosely fitting under the recently trendy "dark cabaret" banner (a term that didn't exist when she started), the singer/songwriter's Tori Amos-meets-Tim Burton sound has always been her own... As romantic as a William Blake poem but as ghostly as a Richard Matheson novel, Through the Gash is Hannah Fury at her most darkly beautiful.” - Michael Toland

— High Bias

A slightly uneasy undercurrent runs through Fury's latest, from the creepy carousel music of "No Man Alive" to the truly scary sounds of "Beware the Touch" and "Status." But it is the sweeter, quieter moments that stand out most...The quiet delivery, however, belies the power in her words. In "Carnival Justice (The Gloves Are Off) Part II," there is real venom behind the line, "So you love her? That little stain?" Through the Gash constantly alternates between quiet balladry and aggressive proclamations...” - Stuart Myerburg

— Keenly Observed

Creepy is a word often associated with Hannah Fury and for good reason. While not quite as odd as Diamanda Galas, Fury ensures that there will be plenty of unnerving yet simultaneously beautiful moments on this record...” - Jason MacNeil

— Pop Matters

... stay with these songs and you'll be onto some sincere and, at times, beautifully warped music...” - The Big Takeover

— The Big Takeover