Hannah's biography or whatever:

Hannah is an independent artist and writes, performs, engineers, and produces all of her recordings. She has always been listener-funded and also supported herself with a variety of interesting day-jobs and colorful side-hustles like jewelry-making, textile arts, creatures and shadow box creation. Right now she is creating her soundtrack to 2020 -- which she is recording in "real time" and releasing each song it is finished. All 2020 songs are available for free on bandcamp. 

Hannah's previous music is available from cdbaby and amazon as well as other online sites.

A little more info, for those who are interested:
Hannah has been called a “parasol-wielding OutKast” (The Mick) and her music has been described as “unnerving yet simultaneously beautiful” (Pop Matters), “sensitive and imaginative, uniquely vengeful and confiding” (Wears the Trousers), "impossibly beautiful" (Pussyrock) and “beautifully warped” (The Big Takeover).

Hannah has been writing music since her second year of high school and also began teaching herself to play piano at that time. She wrote many songs before finally building a very modest home studio and recording her debut EP, Soul Poison (1998).

She has released two full-length albums as well as a handful of singles and EPs. While often described as "dark" and "gothic," Hannah's music has always been about hope, resilience and seeking the light that is always there for all of us. She believes in the healing and transformative power of art, especially music. Her songs are about getting up, dusting off, and getting THROUGH.

After a long hiatus, during which she experienced some very difficult life events, Hannah began releasing music again in 2020.

Hannah has also appeared on albums by Uphill Racer, Rat Wakes Red, Jo Gabriel, Jeff Zentner and The Synthetic Dream Foundation.


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