Hannah's biography or whatever:

Hannah is an independent artist and writes, performs, engineers, and produces all of her recordings which she releases on her own label, MellowTraumatic Recordings, a name which appeared in a dream, as did the name of her publishing company "Orchid Effect."
But while she established these businesses early on, she was never very good at treating music as a money-making endeavor. Even so, she managed to create a small "cottage industry," which suits her personality and temperament perfectly.

Hannah sees creativity as spiritual, metaphysical and "paranormal." In other words, completely natural and essential to the human/soul/heart experience,
and completely rooted in


Hannah has always been listener-funded and has also supported herself with a variety of interesting day-jobs and colorful side-hustles like jewelry-making, textile arts, creatures and shadow box creation. Hannah has also been employed by a variety of Independent Booksellers, unique trinket shops, and has also worked on/off in the Boutique Museum Souvenir Development sector. While always energetically committed to her creations, Life circumstances and events have meant that Hannah's output has been extremely erratic with long periods of Quiet.

After her last release in 2007, she disappeared almost entirely. Invisibility became her.

And then this fuckin' earthly 3-D Realm Nightmare occured and shattered Hannah's already fragile opal glass shape into a million pieces, and devastatingly injured her Soul Mate as well:


But they survived.

The following years were a blur of darkness and light… and for a minute, it seemed that recovery was near… but then subsequent losses created  indescribable difficulty and manifested a grief that swallowed her whole…

But, in 2020, like many others on Earth resuming 20-20 “Vision,” Hannah found herself coming to terms with some difficult things, both personal and universal. After that, she was caught up in an intense state of creative inspiration that resulted in her soundtrack to 2020 -- which she recorded and released in "real time" as each song was finished. Essentially, these songs were demos, as they could not be professionally mixed or mastered, and are available for free on bandcamp. In 2021, Hannah continued her ongoing project of chronicling and observing the vibrational changes of the planet/realm.

Hannah's previous music, from BEFORE, is available from cdbaby and distributed to other online sites through cdbaby.

Hannah does not have a YouTube channel. Any videos on YouTube were uploaded by unaffiliated persons and the support of these unknown souls is appreciated by MellowTraumatic Recordings. 

A little more info, for those who are interested:

Hannah has been called a “parasol-wielding OutKast” (The Mick) and her music has been described as “unnerving yet simultaneously beautiful” (Pop Matters), “sensitive and imaginative, uniquely vengeful and confiding” (Wears the Trousers), "impossibly beautiful" (Pussyrock) and “beautifully warped” (The Big Takeover).

Hannah began writing music secretly in her second year of high school and also began teaching herself to play piano at that time. Many many years passed, and she wrote many songs before finally building a very modest home studio and recording her debut EP, Soul Poison (1998).

She has released two full-length albums as well as a handful of singles and EPs. While often described by others as "dark" and "gothic," Hannah's music has always been about hope, beauty, resilience and seeking the light that is always there for all of us. She believes in the healing and transformative power of art, especially music. Occasionally Hannah allows her music to avenge her, and occasionally she travels through darkness, but most of the time she tries to connect to her "higher" self via the creative force. Her songs are about getting up, dusting off, and getting THROUGH.

After a long hiatus, during which she experienced some very difficult life events, Hannah began releasing music again in 2020. These digital-only releases where recorded in "real time" and released as 2020 was unfolding. All 2020 songs are available for free on bandcamp

Hannah has also appeared on albums by Uphill Racer, Rat Wakes Red/James Raftery, Jo Gabriel, Jeff Zentner and The Synthetic Dream Foundation, and has been "covered" by 607.


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