Music and side-hustles. On a rollercoaster ride through this LIFE towards Eternity. Sending messages across "Time."

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, "Wow! What a ride!" - Anonymous


And… THIS.


"A Parasol-wielding OutKast" - The Mick

Hi Everyone. Welcome to my spot on the web. These are very Strange Times we're living in, and I am coping through music, as always.

Synchronicities and spiritually transformative experiences are all around us to notice if we allow it. This is a time to be open and aware.

Everyone is needed at this time.

I am, and have always been an INDEPENDENT artist, and I am so grateful to those who support my music. I notice and appreciate your contributions SO very much, and I know some of you have been with me for a very long time.

I'm currently focusing on new music and releasing songs on bandcamp, in "real time" as they are written. It is a Soundtrack experiment and also an experiment in multidimensional communication. 2020-present.

While hard copies of my earlier catalog (2007 and before) sold out long ago, the music is still available digitally all over the web.

TYFL: Thank You For Listening. I leave you with a few quotes from some very interesting people that I know, who are just starting out life on this planet:

"Everything is made of Light!" - Z
"I love ALL the persons in the World!" - Z
"Don't be alarmed, he is made of rainbows!" - K
"Do YOU like Pink?" - M
"Do YOU like Buttons?" - M

(P.S. It's more important than ever to support your small and local businesses, run by REAL PEOPLE, not corporate powers. This is OUR WORLD.)
"I am part of the LIGHT, and it is the MUSIC..." - Nikola Tesla

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Soul Poison (EP 1998), The Thing That Feels (LP 2000), Meathook (EP 2001), I Can't Let You In (EP 2003), Subterfuge (EP w/ video 2005), Through the Gash (LP 2007)

"... A parasol-wielding OutKast..."
- Mick Mercer
"... beautifully warped music..."
- The Big Takeover
"... the production is extraordinary... play it loud..."
- ninthspace
"... a masterwork in minimalism and stark beauty."
- Absolute Punk 
"... sensitive and imaginative, uniquely vengeful and confiding..."
- Wears the Trousers
"... impossibly beautiful music..."
- Pussyrock
"... Seductive and breathtaking from the start..."
- Gothic Beauty
"... acid tinged lyricism combine with lushly textured melodies that will chill the spine..."
- Delusions of Adequacy
"...unnerving yet simultaneously beautiful..."
- Pop Matters
"...a revelation..."
- Morbid Outlook


607 - "Girls that Glitter" (an amazingly beautiful re-envisioning of my song of the same name!)

Uphill Racer - "Your New Brother" (vocals and some lyrics)

Rat Wakes Red - "Always" (vocals)

Jeff Zentner - "White Horses" (vocals)

Jo Gabriel - "Habits of Shadows" (background vocals)

The Synthetic Dream Foundation - "Trapeze" (vocals, vocal melody and lyrics)


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