My new song, "Not Sad," is available FOR FREE on my new Bandcamp page. This song doesn’t really fit in with the other music that I’m currently working on, so I've decided to release it digitally all by itself. It’s a cheerful little song about depression. Absolutely no strings attached!



Welcome to the website for Hannah Fury and Mellowtraumatic Recordings. Various hosting and computer issues have necessitated this change. Content will be added over time, and we will soon be adding things to the "listen" and "store" sections of the site. You can time-travel back to access the old site by using The Wayback Machine.

Is Hannah working on new music? We get that question a lot. The answer is yes. We've recently moved all of Hannah's studio equipment to her new home. Over the past several years many songs have been written and there are many songs that pre-date the last album, too, so we believe that a new recording project will begin some time during 2012, though an actual release date is unknown. There are some new collaborations in the works as well, so please watch this spot for new updates. You can also read Hannah's blog, No Place on Earth, where she collects musical and non-musical inspirations and obsessions.

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Oh, and today we're celebrating Hannah's 1,010,318 plays and 55,748 listeners on Last.fm.

- Kansas Mayhem, 17 March 2012

"... A parasol-wielding OutKast..."
- Mick Mercer
"... beautifully warped music..."
- The Big Takeover
"... the production is extraordinary... play it loud..."
- ninthspace
"... a masterwork in minimalism and stark beauty."
- Absolute Punk
"... sensitive and imaginative, uniquely vengeful and confiding..."
- Wears the Trousers
"... impossibly beautiful music..."
- Pussyrock
"... Seductive and breathtaking from the start..."
- Gothic Beauty
"... acid tinged lyricism combine with lushly textured melodies that will chill the spine..."
- Delusions of Adequacy
"...unnerving yet simultaneously beautiful..."
- Pop Matters
"...a revelation..."
- Morbid Outlook


We will soon be adding content to our store, but here is a quick run-down of how you can purchase Hannah's music in the meantime.

The CD versions of Through the Gash and The Thing that Feels are SOLD OUT, however you can still purchase downloads from many fine online vendors (iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, etc.).

Soul Poison is available on CD and as a download. Purchase the CD from CD Baby, Amazon or directly from Mellowtraumatic Recordings. Purchase the downloads from iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, etc.

Subterfuge is available on CD only, not as a download. You can purchase it at CD Baby, Amazon, or directly from Mellowtraumatic Recordings.

I Can't Let You In is available on CD only, not as a download, and is available only from Mellowtraumatic Recordings directly.

Meathook is no longer available at all.

To order from Mellowtraumatic Recordings, just e-mail hfury (AT) mellowtraumatic (DOT) com.


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